All you need is air! No need for sunlight or water!

Japan's first disaster / emergency battery that runs not only USB devices but also AC100V home appliances!

● It is a single battery product of Eternalus.
● You can use it repeatedly as long as the battery is low.
● It is designed to be friendly to both people and the environment without using harmful substances.
● It can be used intermittently by re-storing it in a storage bag.
● It is also possible to obtain more power by connecting multiple Eternus in parallel.

Can run AC100V devices such as laptops and home appliances.


As soon as Eternus is taken out of the storage bag, it reacts with the outside air and begins to generate
a large amount of electricity (DC12V540Wh). Since it can be converted to AC100V by simply connecting the attached inverter, charging of laptop computers and
home appliances as well as USB compatible devices can be started without any time lag. If you want to stop using it, you can stop the
electricity generation by storing it in a special storage bag, so you can use it repeatedly as long as there is remaining capacity.

Supports AC adapter & USB Compatible with all mobile devices


The inverter attached to Eternus
has two AC100V outlets and two
USB (DC5V / 2A) A type
connectors. When charging a
smartphone (iPhone / Android) or
tablet PC, you can use not only
the USB port but also an AC100V
outlet, so if you have an AC
adapter, you can charge it
regardless of the model or device
type. Since the USB output is 2A /
port, it is a very convenient
function that can support quick

Optimal as a disaster prevention stockpile Compact design + long-term storage possible

[Easy to store] [long-term storage]
Eternus is a compact size that is
about 2/3 of A4 paper. It does not
take up much space when stored
at home or at work as a disaster
prevention stockpile. It weighs
about 2.5 kg, so even women can
carry it without any burden. In
addition, it does not generate
electricity unless it comes in
contact with air, so if it is
unopened, it can be stored for a
long period of 5 years (up to 10
years). It is the best battery in
case of emergency.

No harmful substances used. Designed to be friendly to both people and the environment

Eternus (air-powered battery) is
a safe and environmentally
friendly zinc-air battery for
disasters and emergencies that
does not contain specific
harmful substances. When used
in the event of a disaster, it can
be disposed of as general waste
(non-burnable garbage) if it is
privately owned. Manifest *
when used as a business
Please dispose according to the
instructions of each local
*) Please contact us for
materials related to the


Product type  Zinc-air battery (primary battery) pack
Rated voltage DC12V (nominal voltage: DC14.4V)
Capacity 40Ah / 540Wh (1.2A at 20 ± 2 ℃, 60 ± 10% RH)
* When batteries are used in parallel, the battery capacity increases up to 3 times.
Maximum current 5A (when connected in parallel) When using one Eternus, it is recommended to use a
device of 1.2A to 2A.
Applications AC100V electrical products, USB compatible devices
A separate attached inverter is required (*)
-25 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
size W:175×L:185×H:85(mm)
wight 2.5kg