As a distributor of machine tools and equipment, and from the standpoint of supporting the production activities of Japanese industries, Marukoshi Co., Ltd. will promote an environmental management system in order to contribute to society, through continuous improvement by:-
Expanding sales of products that contribute to environmental protection, and business activities that take into consideration the prevention of environmental pollution.

Basic Policy

  1. We will actively promote sales of new products that lead to energy saving and resource saving, reduce the environmental impact, to contribute to a bright future.
  2.  We will constantly update information on environment-related laws and regulations, comply with applicable legal requirements, and make recommendations to customers for improvement proposals related to regulations as needed.
  3. We sincerely accept the environment-related opinions and suggestions advised by customers, suppliers, government, local residents and others, and consider and work on the best response that we can achieve.
  4. Each employee recognizes the impact of our business activities on the environment, understands the significance of the environment, sets environmental targets according to the content of each jobs, and periodically check and review for achievement.
  5. This environmental policy will be publicized to all employees through internal postings, and will also be disclosed to the outside at all times.

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