Oriental motor α(alpha) step AZ series “Connector Type”


Connector type motor has been added to the αSTEP AZ Series. One cable, IP66 rated locking connector enables a simple, direct connection between the motor and the driver. Available in three cable outlet directions: output shaft side, vertical and opposite output shaft side.


Example solution using AZ connector type model:


The connector type has simple wiring and saves space, so it may be possible to downsize articulated robots.









Benefits of One Cable Technology



  • Unification of Cables
  • Direct Connection
  • Cable Outlet Directions for Flexibility
  • Faster Maintenance
  • Maintains High Ingress Protection




Unification of Cables

  • Reduce routing work and downsize cable holder

By consolidating all the cables into one, only 1 cable is required for each motor.  In the example below, we show how 5 cables for the Y and Z axes in a cartesian system are changed to 2 cables.  The cable holder can be downsized as a result.





Direct Connection

  • No more middle joining cables.

For the cable type motor, a connection cable is required to extend the cable more than the standard pig tail length of 300 mm.  Sometimes, the electrical noise emits from the exposed connectors in between the cables can affect other machine components.  The new connector type motor uses one cable technology and reduces electrical noise interference (EMI).

Cable Type
Connector Type




3 Cable Outlet Directions for Flexibility

  • Select from three cable outlet directions

The connector and cable comes in 3 configurations (shaft direction, vertical direction, or opposite to output shaft direction).  You must order the connection cable this way (use "F" = front, "B" = back, "V" = vertical in the cable part number ).  This increases the degree of cable outlet freedom around the motor.







Faster Maintenance

  • Direct connection leads to quicker replacement of motors and cables

Perform speedy motor maintenance by dealing with less cables (and downsizing your cable track).  In the example below, we show what the differences look like.





Maintains High Ingress Protection

  • The new connector and cable maintain an IP66 ingress protection rating for dusty or washdown environments

Same as the cable type motor, the connector type motors maintain the IP66 rating; meaning that it's able to handle a sprayed water jet of 100 kPa at a rate of 100 l/min for 3 minutes from all directions at a distance of 3 meters.





More benefits  👉  orientalmotor engeneer note







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