Hashimoto Cloth“Scrub Wiper PRO”

Scrub away persistent stubborn dirt! “Scrub Wiper PRO"

Scrub Wiper PRO (Part No. SWR2020) is a handy wiper with a special uneven sheet to scrub away stubborn dirt.

Product Details

Manufacturer : Hashimoto Cloth

Material: Polypropylene

Part No SIZE(mm) Number of sheets(sheets/Roll)
SWR2020 200×200 50



  • Six features of Scrub Wiper PRO


  • Can be used in two ways


Wipe off while absorbing oil/liquid.

  1. Absorbs various liquids (water, oil, solvents, detergents).
  2. Scrub away stuck-on persistent dirt. (Durability)
  3. Wipe off grease, ink, and paint.


Wipe off dirt after moistening with water, solvent, or detergent.

  1. When soaked in detergent, it foams well.
  2. Break up dirt with detergent and wipe thoroughly.



  • Usage Scenes

What you can use it for

Metal products (stainless steel, etc.), enamel, Teflon-coated products, fluorine-coated products, plastic products, mirrors, glass products, tiles, etc.


What you cannot use it for

Car bodies, painted surfaces, special glass, soft materials, wood products, flooring, LCDs, painted products, etc.


* Please test the product in an inconspicuous place to ensure that it does not cause fine scratches before use.

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