The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are “17 goals that the international community should work on by 2030 for sustainable development” adopted at the UN Summit in 2015. We are required to address global issues such as inequality, sustainable consumption/production, climate change countermeasure, and to take universal actions that all people can enjoy peace and richness.


Focusing on 17 goals of SDGs, Marukoshi Co., Ltd. is engaged in environmental and social service activities. In particular, those issues that Japan is considered lagging behind like "5 Gender equality", "12 Responsible consumption and production", "13 Climate action", "14 Life below water," and "17 Partnership for the goals”, we aim to deepen our awareness of “Responsible consumption and production” and propose environmentally friendly products to our customers in our daily operations, as supplier of industrial tools and equipment.
In addition, in co-operation with overseas customers, we will share the awareness of “Partnership for the goals”, and also promote the short-term regular employee system and the CHO (Chief Health Officer) concept recommended by Kanagawa Prefecture, to support women's social participation for “Gender equality”.
We will continue supporting our customers’ creating a foundation for industrial innovation (Icon 9), and simultaneously balance good work and economic growth (Icon 8) while taking into consideration the health and welfare of all people (Icon 3).

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