High collection efficiency (99% above 1µm)
Extremely maintenance-free (zero)

The newly developed "Rotary Magic" mechanism achieves both high collection performance and maintenance-free operation.
A collection structure that reduces the drop in suction power to zero.
Equipped with backwash piping for cleaning as standard. We have made it as close to maintenance-free as possible.



Feature 1
The industry's first collection method that performs "collection" and "cleaning" at the same time.
Hard to clog
Therefore, the suction power lasts for a long time.
The newly developed "Rotary Magic" mechanism, which is made from a specially processed thin stainless steel plate, rotates at high speed to effectively collect even the finest mist (99% of the particles are 1 µm or larger).
Furthermore, the self-cleaning action works by blowing away the adhering mist using centrifugal force, maintaining high collection performance for a long time.



Feature 2
Endlessly maintenance-free
Equipped with backwash piping for cleaning as standard
Significantly reduces the burden and effort on workers
Even if a decline in collection performance is observed, the Rotary Magic can be cleaned with air without opening or closing the main body.

Always keep it clean.

*Please prepare supply air (pressure range is 0.2 to 0.4 [MPa]).



Feature 3
One access maintenance
Minimize maintenance effort and time
Main parts can be maintained by simply opening the front door.

The door can be removed without tools, making it easy to work in tight spaces!

It minimizes the time and effort required for maintenance and contributes to labor savings.


model SMX-40 SMX-100 SMX-150
power supply AC200/200/220V
3φ 50/60/60Hz
3φ 50/60/60/60/60Hz
motor 0.4kW 2Pole 0.75kW 2Pole 1.5kW 2Pole
performance Maximum air volume [m³/min] 4.7/5.7 7.7/9.3 13/15.3
Maximum static pressure [Pa] 487/743 602/895 975/1379
Noise level dB(A) 69/72 71/75 72/76
Collection efficiency 99% (1μm or more)
Mass [kg] 42 55 77
Suction diameter φ98 φ123 φ148
Allowable suction temperature 75℃ However, the ambient temperature of the motor must be below 40℃
Paint color N-93, Munsell N9.3 approximation (white)/N-10 approximation, Munsell N1 approximation (black)
External dimensions (W×D×H) [mm] 443×613×575 493×685×625 593×823×725
RoHS compatible Compatible with all models