PATLITE WE-LAN Wall Mount Signal Tower (LAN)

Easy control with LAN communication. Various display patterns to enhance visibility.

  • Different displays for various situations
    (All tiers light up and blink with the same color / 9 colors available / Flowing display / Pulse)Click here for video showing different lighting patterns.
  • Easy to use with peace of mind with general-purpose protocols. Supports HTTP, Modbus/TCP, and socket communications
  • Communication via RJ-45 female connector from WE-LAN unit
  • Slim, 37.5 mm profile improves sense of integration with equipment and facilities
  • Detailed unit settings including IP address can be configured on a web browser
  • Various standards acquired, can be used globally

Model Number Configuration


Lighting Patterns


点灯色 点灯色 点灯色 点灯色
Light off Standard colors Other colors All same color

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