We are going to have 100th anniversary of foundation shortly. We have been stepping up to the steady position as a specialized trading company of machine, tools and equipment since 1923. We greatly appreciate those kind understanding and co-operation by all the customers, suppliers and business partners, who support us to overcome a lot of adversities and difficulties, and to continue the business related industrial circles that pull up the evolution of Japan from modern to contemporary era.

In the course of history until today, we have faced a few restructuring of business direction including change of handling commodities, extending the business to overseas, and so on - in order to seek the best way to respond the social request.

“It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survives, but the one most responsive to change” – I believe that the words of Charles Darwin in ‘Theory of Evolution’ shall represent and be particularly meaningful with industrial circles today, that is escalating the speed of change every moment.

Today, the evolution of computer progresses exponentially, and whole society is going to change direction accordingly, only those companies having both of unchanging universal sense of value and innovative thinking that matches to new era, will be required to stay.

With trust backed by the history of 100 years, and flexibility to take new sense of value, here we promise that we will strive our best effort to provide support system with customers’ satisfaction, and evolve continuously to the future.

We greatly appreciate your ongoing patronage.

Thank you and best regards.


Managing Director

Takehisa Oya

We will provide the future of customers.(81)467-87-1552

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