TOKYO KEISO 2-Wire System Level Radar Microwage level meter TLR7500



TOKYO KEISO 2-Wire System Level Radar Microwave level meter TLR7500

The TLR7500 is a non-contact type continuous level meter using microwaves.
This meter determines the level of a measured object by emitting microwaves and measuring the time taken for the microwaves to travel out, be reflected and return from the object.
Since the velocity of electromagnetic waves is hardly affected by temperature and pressure, meters of this type can accurately measure levels under any conditions. Measurements are also independent of the viscosity, or changes in the density and temperature of measured objects, allowing such meters to be used for a wide range of temperatures and pressures.
Using a newly developed lens antenna, the TLR7500 can be mounted on small-diameter nozzles, and is ideal for level measurement of 80- GHz high directivity as well as ultra-small containers.
Inheriting the features of existing microwave level meters, the TLR7500 is even easier to use.
• Non-contact, continuous level measurement with high accuracy
• Measuring various objects such as liquids and slurries
• Displaying and outputting measurements of level, distance, volume, and mass
• High-accuracy level measurement independent of changes in temperature, pressure, or density
• Up to 4 MPa operating pressure range from vacuum
• Wide operating temperature range from −50ºC to 150ºC
• Minimum-size DN20 (3/4") antenna mountable on small-diameter nozzles
• Easy mounting on top of tanks, no need to worry about leakage
• Suitable for various installation environments with high directivity
• Compact housing design for mounting in narrow spaces
• Can start measuring immediately after mounting with simple parameter setting
• Range setting by numerical values, no need to adjust the range for the fluctuation of actual liquid
• Easy to input parameters
• Maintenance-free with no moving parts

Standard Specifications
Measurable materials : Liquids, pastes, and slurries
Measuring range : Max. 50 m
Temperature : Process connection: -50 to 150°C Ambient : -40 to 80°C
Pressure : 0 kPa (abs) to 4.0 MPa
Process connecion :
Thread : G 3/4", G 1", G 1-1/2", G 3",3/4 NPT, 1 NPT, 1-1/2 NPT, 3 NPT male thread
Flange : JIS10K 50 to 200A 2" to 8" ASME 150 lbs, 300 lbs
Material : Stainless steel(316L), PEEK
Power supply : 24V DC
Output type : Level, distance, volume, and mass
Antenna type : lens antenna