VESSEL Pneu-Power Ion Gun No.G-9

It can eliminate static electricity by compressed air only

* Power supply from external equipment is not required.

* Motor Cartridge (Replaceable) converts compressed air to the power.

Rotor blades in the center generates power while rotating and supplies it to the high voltage power unit.


Model Body Size (mm)

Nozzle included

Weight (g) Applied Voltage Noise Level (dBA) Fan Speed (L/min) EDP No.
G-9 232.5 x 191 x 50.6 470 AC8kV(p-p) 88 200




Ionizing method : AC high frequency corona discharge
Decay time (sec.) :  ±1000→±100V: Within 1 sec(0.5MPa, 200L/min, 150mm)
Ion balance : + /- 30V

Item PKG (mm)
294 x 250 x 63

* Silent Nozzle G-9WN
* Straight Silent Nozzle BB-ZSN
* Electrode Needle GN-H
* Urethane Tube Plug G-9UTP
* Electrode Needle Replacement Screwdriver G-7DR
* Motor cartridge G-9MC

* Standard Nozzle G-9SN

Leaflet: PDF

Video: Youtube