TAIYO Pneumatic equipment (air saving unit) ASV series

air saving unit
ASV series

Easy power saving and environmental measures!

Significant reduction in factory air consumption
Power saving measures by reducing compressor power consumption
Reduction of CO2 emissions
Reduced running costs
Great Contribution to Energy Conservation Activities


Automotive parts assembly line Air blow before assembly
Content If foreign matter adheres to the work transport pallet, it may lead to product defects.
cause. Remove foreign matter with an air blow.
Reason for choosing
Since pulse blowing can be performed without electrical work, installation is easy.
The amount of compressed air used can be greatly reduced.
Case study Ensure that there is no foreign matter adhering to the surface of the assembly pallet or the assembly surface of the workpiece.Therefore, perform an air blow just before assembly.

effect ▲Before installation
Compressed air consumption per year
53,637 N㎥ (CO2 emissions 3.38 tons)
▲After installation
Compressed air consumption per year
26,819 N㎥ (CO2 emissions 1.69 tons)
Annual reduction effect
(Reference air unit price 2.4 yen/㎥)
= ¥64,300/year
Reduction rate
= 50%
return on investment
= about 10 months



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