SUZUKI KIKOH “LS BELL HAMMER Series” Extra Grade Lubricant

SUZUKI KIKOH “LS BELL HAMMER Series” Extra Grade Lubricant


There are innumerable products on the market even if they are called lubricants.

Are you maintaining the machinery by regularly using the usual lubricants?

SUZUKI KIKOH is a professional group whose business is the design, production and maintenance of automatic machines. High-performance lubricants are essential for the maintenance of machinery.

You can extend the life of your product by simply replacing the usual lubricant with an LS BELL HAMMER by SUZUKI KIKOH!


The life of metal is dramatically extended, and wear is drastically reduced!

This product will support to restore the original performance.



  • Excellent extreme pressure lubrication performance prevents initial wear of machinery.
  • It has excellent effects in preventing seizure, reducing squeak noise, and preventing damage.



  • For lubrication of machine parts.
  • For places with severe wear such as sliding parts of all machines.
  • Where you are worried about squeaking noises at home.


Product type

LS hammer can be used properly according to the application, and there are bottle type, grease type, spray type and so on.

Please note: Spray type is a hazardous material and we could not provide to customers considering shipping by air.





LS bell hammer has super-sliding and super-lubricating performance.


  1. Products that perform braking operations such as brakes and clutches
  2. Products that demonstrate grip such as V-belts
  3. Products that use all friction and grip

*Note (disclaimer)

Never use it in a place where operation is controlled by friction such as a brake or clutch.

Please use this product at your own risk.

We do not guarantee any changes in the physical properties of the coating object using this product, or the effects of movements etc.