YOSHIKAWA IRON WORKS : Electrical Servo Riveting Machine

FRE Series (FRE-5, FRE-10,FRE-20, FRE-30)

 This new type of riveting machine is developed based on the demand of future. It drives by electricity only, no pneumatic and hydraulic need to be built in.

This is an eco-friendly machine, and suitable for riveting very tiny and precision parts.







Work management by the programmed input

 Easy to set up stroke position, pressure, speed, spin speed, riveting time and other detail information on computer.




Shorten the preparation of setting.

 All working procedures are registered and saved on the PC. Open the registered and saved setting will shorten setting time.



High Precision of repetition

 It is hard to be affected by the temperature changes in factory, perform a highly precision and repetition work.




Suitable for riveting very tiny and precision parts.

 The speed and pressure can be set and changed per cycle, which is suitable for riveting very tiny and precision parts.




Shorten the work cycle time

 The program can set to high-speed operation when not in riveting and dwell time, cycle time can be shortened.




Environmental awareness

 No driving sound of air exhauster or the hydraulic pump, it provides a lower noise working environment. No waste oil treatment is required. The machine is an eco-design, which maintenance is simpler than Hydraulic and Pneumatic riveting machine and with low frequency of replacement parts.






Product introduction video




Main Specifications


  FRE-05 FRE-10 FRE-20 FRE-30
Riveting ability φ0.5~φ5mm
mild steel
mild steel
mild steel
mild steel
Maximum pressure 5kN (510kgf) 12kN (1224kgf) 20kN (2,040kgf) 35kN (3570kgf)
Cylinder stroke MAX 60mm MAX 200mm MAX 100mm MAX 100mm
Working time timer 0 to 9.9 seconds 0 to 9.9 seconds 0 to 9.9 seconds 0 to 9.99 seconds
Servo motor for caulking 750w AC200V 2.9kw AC200V 2.9kw AC200V -
Spindle motor 400w AC200V 0.75kW AC200V 1.3kw AC200V -
Power supply 3φ AC200V
50/60Hz 3.5kVA
3φ AC200V
50/60Hz 11kVA
3φ AC200V
50/60Hz 17kVA
3φ AC200V
50/60Hz 17kVA
Installation floor size W270xD450mm W370xD725mm W600xD1,040mm W600xD1000mm
Height 1,063mm 1,310mm 2,037mm 2,045mm
Weight 140 kg (main body), 60 kg (frame, control panel) 470 kg (body) 850kg (body),
250kg (machine, control panel)
1500kg (body) 100Kg(control panel)








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