SMC Compact Cylinder CDQ2B-X3207

Compact Cylinder Air Saving Type/Double Force Type CDQ2B-X3207



Air saving and more compact! Improvements due to the adoption of a built-in exhaust return circuit and a polygonal piston (new size)

・Air consumption: Max. 46% reduction
・Uses the air exhausted from the extension side to supply the retraction side, thus reusing the air (Built-in exhaust return circuit)
・Reduce air consumption just by piping to the product
・Compact (Now with a polygonal piston)
This product is capable of providing double the force of the CQ2 series without changing the width.
Overall length: 50% reduction*
* Compared with the existing model (CDQ2B32-25+0DCZ-XC11 Dual stroke cylinder)



Series Action Bore size (mm)

(Standard type)

Double acting single rod 45(ø32×2piston area)
57(ø40×2piston area)
71(ø50×2piston area)


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